Rustic Justice Pioneers Sustainable Community-Based Independent Music

What is Rustic Justice?

Rustic Justice is the first model of a sustainable grassroots artist community and independent record label. Our mission is to provide a collaborative, creative environment to facilitate the development and production of art that challenges contemporary culture and promotes positive social change.

A New Way of Doing Business

Major record labels and production companies consistently take advantage of artists, using their financial power to restrict creative freedom and control the artists’ voice to serve the interests of the label.  The result is cookie-cutter, empty music that reinforces apathy, political ignorance, social disengagement, and ultimately, dissolution of community.

Rustic Justice is pioneering a new model for independent music and the visual arts. We bring together a diverse group of socially conscious, community-oriented artists and producers and provide an open, collaborative environment for them to freely focus on their passions. In addition, we connect Rustic Justice artists with local promotion, and distribution partners to help artists expand their base and disseminate their message.

All profits earned from the sale of art are split with the artists. Like a not-for-profit, Rustic Justice reinvests all of its earnings back into the art community.

Our Model:

Our Services

Rustic Justice provides the services required for artists to advance from the studio to center stage. We provide meeting space for practice and collaboration; studio time for recording and production; and album printing and publishing services, including advertising, promotion and distribution to local and untapped markets worldwide.

Artists will also be exposed to a unique network of artists and producers experienced in the industry with whom they will have the opportunity to work.

Services provided:

  • Meeting space, practice, and studio sessions
  • Production and distribution of art to both local and untapped markets
  • Radio/Internet promotion and marketing
  • Targeted Web-based Advertising
  • Website design and hosting
  • Merchandising
  • Show/Event/festival booking
  • Event assistance
  • Legal services

Art Spaces:


Our History:

Rustic Justice was conceived under the roof of The Hudson Disco-Tek (founded in Albany, NY in 2011); a historic three-story brownstone residence, turned underground art gallery and recording studio in the thriving Albany community of Center Square.

Featuring avant-garde, thought-provoking artwork accompanied by the finest live hip-hop and electronic dance music in the NY Capital Region, The Disco-Tek rapidly earned a reputation as the place “where the magic happens.” In February of 2012, just one year after The Disco-Tek’s inception, the events began to draw crowds that could no longer be contained by the space and thus, Rustic Justice was born.

Dr. David Rabin, a physician and neuroscientist training in psychiatry in Pittsburgh, founded Rustic Justice as a social movement to unite people through art and music by bringing to the forefront key social issues that threaten to compromise our quality of life. The live-by-example type, Dr. Rabin maintains the core belief that people were meant to work together to better each other and that winning at the expense of any individual is unacceptable.

At the helm of Rustic Justice with the extraordinary executive producer Josh ‘MIRK’ Mirsky, Dr. Rabin has generated a creative environment that facilitates constructive competition and collaboration between artists who freely synergize their efforts to take their final product to the next level. It is Dr. Rabin’s hope that bringing artists and musicians together will help others to recognize the potential for collaboration and positive growth in their own day-to-day lives.

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